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      Rigging Map



      Boat Name Club Skipper Crew 1
      Bigfoot Bags and covers Gosford Peter Rowe Hugh Skeen
      #9 M16SSC Angus Stewart Hugo Kemp
      Awol M16SSC Andrew de Montfort Jake Bentley
      Bartley Construction 13 M16SSC Taylor Springett Rebecca Bromelow
      Cheeky M16SSC Max Downey Thomas Mountstephens
      Dutchess M16SSC Amy Bentley Bethan Karunaratne
      EBIX M16SSC Liam Karunaratne James Hopkins
      Eric’s Removals MH16SC Amy Hargrave Jamie Hargrave
      Plonk Cafe MH16SC Avril Richardson Peggy Stanbury

      Total: 9 Entries


      Boat Name Club Skipper Crew 1 Crew 2
      Aristocrat B16 Kimberly Baker Jackson Baker Jon Searles
      Bella Group B16 Georgia Steenson Michael Hochguertel Rory Murtagh
      Contender Sailcloth B16 Will Howard Richard Howard Corey Hamilton
      Dominos B16 Michael Quirk Dallas Dawson Thomas Steenson
      East Coast Marine & Sail B16 Tom Dawson Jamie Woods Joel Castle
      Insight Building Services B16 Rod Carter Adam Gillson Andrew Stone
      Inspectrite Australia & DJS Racing B16 David Taylor Josh Henshaw William Horin
      KNIGHTON GROUP B16 Tom Burton Max Paul simon hoffman
      Konami B16 Bethany Sherry Jason Thomson Shane Slattery
      Money Links B16 Adam Piper Troy Dobinson Mark Willis
      Newcastle financial planning group B16 Ben Bruniges Dave Hickey Justin Sharrock
      NHS Building Supplies B16 Matt Crockett Robert Flanagan Glen Dawson
      One Too Many B16 Stephen Chapman Paul Harrison Greg Steenson
      Pepsi MAX B16 Ross Stutchbury Ben Pilley Shane Burke
      Schweppes B16 Bailey James Jamie Dobinson Rob James
      SKE Electrical B16 Scott Babbage Scott Beeby Joel Skelton
      TOOHEYS EXTRA DRY B16 Matt Meaney Hugo Hamilton Felix Prince
      XXXX Gold B16 Neale Jones Luke Dunne Mike Ovenstone
      Edenda DSC Will Beck Andrew Stephenson Peter McLeod
      Brian Hilton Motor Group Gosford Jess Rivers Sam Grilk Lincoln Senior
      PT Gosford Hayden Hansen Nathan Gulliksen Mark Murray
      STA Building Gosford Steve Akhurst Troy Akhurst Will Akhurst
      Weathertex Gosford Jess Rivers Wil Rivers Ryan Watt
      White Tiger M16SCC Michael Carter Craig Doran David Russel
      Bartley Construction 16 M16SSC Nathan Lilley Daniel Bromelow Jesse Lilley
      Capital Brewing Co. M16SSC Jessica Iles Andrew Iles Riley Pike
      Chubbs M16SSC Jesse Dransfield James Doyle Jake Barnabas
      Cunninghams M16SSC Nick Connor Zac Baranbas Daniel Nugent
      Employment Hero M16SSC Andrew Dolly Divola Alastair Hunter George Thompson
      FIREBALL M16SSC James Downey James Pinnington Sam Skeen
      Fluid Building M16SSC Nathan Outteridge Tom Slingsby Iain Jenson
      Iron Jack M16SSC Griffin Suters Geoff Akhurst Sophia Ugarte
      Lancelin Pacific M16SSC Brendan Crisp Fynn Sprott Tom Cunich
      Moonen Yachts M16SSC Daniel Turner Angus Williams Matt Stenta
      Red Pumps M16SSC Bruce Savage Jay Harris Greg Windust
      Red Pumps 2 M16SSC Gerard Smith Keagan York Philip Marshall
      Ronstan M16SSC Nathan Wilmot Brett Davis Malcolm Page
      Sail Racing M16SSC Felix Grech Paul Darmanin Tom Potter
      Sutech Building Consultants M16SSC Michael Koerner Joshua Ponton James Lawira-Fernandez
      Vaikobi M16SSC Felix Daverio Michael Childs James Slee
      CMG Property Maintenance MH16SC Michael Vincent Cameron Walker Taylor Hodgkinson
      Eric’s Storage MH16SC Harry Lawson Nathan Edwards Alex Leslie
      Kammakazie MH16SC richard williams Phil Jenkins Ian Wood
      shead MH16SC Marilyn Sorensen Steve Stenta Michael Jenkins
      ADCO Constructions StGSC Lachlan Steel Ben Kirkby Jerome Watts
      Brydens Lawyers StGSC Knapton Lee Ricky Bridge Peter Mackie
      Jamesco StGSC Ben Bradley James Turner Alex Marinelli
      Toogara StGSC Josh Tasker Sam Monkhouse Finn Rodowicz
      Red Pumps 2 Gerard Smith Keagan York Philip Marshall

      Total: 50 Entries

      Event Registration

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      Support Boats

      2022 Nationals Support Boats

      If you are a support vessel, you must complete this form to notify the race committee that you will be on the water.

      If applicatble
      Enter the primary skiff that you are supporting.
      Enter a brief visual description of the vessel. Size, colour, type etc

      NOR 14 - Support Boats

      1. Support boats will register with the Race Committee at the Race Office and be issued with a support boat flag. Support Boats will be required to nominate which skiff they will be primarily supporting and provide contact details for the Skipper of the Support Boat.
      2. Coaches and other support personnel shall remain a minimum of 150 metres from all competing skiffs from the time of the preparatory signal for the start until the skiff has finished or the race committee signals a race postponement or abandonment. A skiff which has been flagged as finished or has retired may be approached by support personnel provided it is clear of the race area. The penalty for failing to keep clear could result in disqualification via protest of boats nominated as being supported by the infringing Support Boat or any other boat which the Race Committee observes as being supported by the Support Boat in question.
      I have read and understood the above NOR clause. *
      I understand that my details we be used for SMS notifications to support craft during the event. *