16's - Modern | Fast | Accessible

16ft Skiffs are renowned in Australia for its fierce competition. What many don’t know is that it is accessible to all sailors.

With a large community of current and previous skiff sailors, it can be sailed by anyone of all ages.

With a large second hand market and a number of skiff clubs around Australia, it is easy to get a crew together and start your skiff journey.

2024 Australian 13ft & 16ft Skiff Champions


13ft Skiff | Theo Franklin and Coby Napper


16ft Skiff | Sarah Lee, Keagan York and Kurt Warner

13's - Fast | Fun | Rewarding

Skiffs generally have a steep learning curve, but that should not deter sailors from giving it a go. We have developed the 13ft Skiff class to help provide a learning platform for sailors looking to move from traditional dinghies / youth classes into skiffs.

The class is pitched to youth sailors progressing from F11’s and 29ers looking for that next step in their sailing career.


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13's - Fast | Fun | Rewarding