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All results for NSW events for 13ft & 16ft Skiffs

Current Season - 2022/23

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16ft Skiffs13ft Skiffs

Past NSW Champions

13ft Skiffs

2021/22Bel / MH#9Angus StewartHKSC
2020/21PH / IYCAWOLHarry ParkerManly
2019/20Drum / BelBruceWill DivolaManly
2018/19PH / GosfordThe Kitchen MakerJake BarnabasManly
2017/18IYC / ManlyThe Kitchen MakerZac BarnabasManly
2016/17MH / ManlyDimension PolyantJordan FergusonManly
2015/16StG / ManlyViperNathan LilleyManly
2014/15ManlyVendettaFelix DaverioManly
2013/14Gosford / ManlyHoley Dollar RumAnnalise GilbertManly
2012/13MH / ManlyHoley Dollar RumAnnalise GilbertManly
2011/12MH / ManlyBell Potter SecuritiesDeclan ReillyManly
2010/11Salamander Bay / MH / DrumSydney SwansHarry WestMiddle Harbour
2009/10StG / ManNorthside Sailing SchoolScott CottonMiddle Harbour
2008/09PH / GR / MHSheadsDaniel WattersonMiddle Harbour
2007/08IYC / ManFluid BuildingSkye McFadyenManly
2006/07Drum / BelTyphoon T-ShirtsDaniel TurnerManly

16ft Skiffs

2021/22Bel / MHIMEIDave O'ConnorManly
2020/21PH / IYCSail RacingFelix GrechManly
2019/20Drum / BelIMEINathan WilmotManly
2018/19PH / GosManly Surf-N-SlideNathan Wilmot / Dave O’ConnorManly
2017/18IYC / ManBrydens LawyersLee KnaptonSt George
2016/17MH / BelFire StoppingJoe TurnerManly
2015/16Drum / StGBrydens LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2014/15PH / ManBrydens LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2013/14IYC / Bel / GosBrydens LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2012/13Man / Drum / StGBrydens Compensation LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2011/12IYC / PH / GRFluid Building ServicesClint BowenManly
2010/11Salamander Bay / MH / DrumFluid Building ServicesClint BowenManly
2009/10StG / ManFire StoppingJames DorronManly
2008/09PH / GRRiley Marine FittingsJack AndrewManly
2007/08IYC / ManOASDanny AndersonBelmont
2006/07Drum / BelRiley Marine Fittings Jack Andrew / Jacob Christian  Georges River
2005/06IYC / Man / GR / StGBob Jane T-Mart EdgecliffLee KnaptonGeorges River
2004/05PH / MH / Bel / DrumBob Jane T-Mart EdgecliffLee KnaptonGeorges River
2003/04IYC / GR / StG / MH / ManTrojan FibreglassJohn BoydBelmont
2002/031 ht at each clubLuxury Yacht CruisesGreg SearantBelmont
2001/021 ht at each clubBianco PlumbingBen BiancoManly
2000/011 ht at each clubSkilled EngineeringJohn BoydBelmont
1999/001 ht at each clubCummings BuildingAlan CummingsBelmont
1998/991 ht at each clubPelican Boating CentreGary BrunigesBelmont
1997/98St GeorgePelican MarinaGary BrunigesBelmont
1996/97Lake IllawarraLuxury AfloatGraham McKellarBelmont
1995/96Port HunterOtisGreg HydeManly
1994/95DrummoyneBeechwood Homes North CoastJohn MillwardBelmont
1993/94Georges RiverMcKay MarineDavid McKayGeorges River
1992/93ManlyBaracuda 2UETrevor BarnabasManly
1991/92BelmontBeechwood Homes TooGary BrunigesBelmont
1990/91Georges RiverCastrian HomesJohn MillwardBelmont
1989/90DrummoyneOtisDennis TankoGeorges River
1988/89GosfordNRMA Boat InsurancePeter DollinGeorges River
1987/88Lake IllawarraOtisPeter DollinGeorges River
1986/87ManlyASEAGavin JonesManly
1985/86Yarra BayAlan Burwood CalendarsDennis TankoSt George
1984/85BelmontColeman SignsGlenn YorkSt George
1983/84Middle HarbourBurwood CalendarsDennis TankoSt George
1982/83Middle HarbourBurwood CalendarsDennis TankoSt George
1981/82St GeorgeDeep Image Colour AWAEd MoranSt George
1980/81GosfordMcKellar SailsGraham McKellarDrummoyne
1979/80BelmontMcKellar SailsGraham McKellarDrummoyne
1978/79DrummoyneBuckle ToyotaTrevor BarnabasManly
1977/78Georges RiverTubemakers Newcastle Supply CentreGary BrunigesBelmont
1976/77Botany BayDalgety PropertyBrian AtkinsGosford
1975/76GosfordViggers ShondellGary BrunigesBelmont
1974/75ManlyMcKellar SailsGraham McKellarDrummoyne
1973/74Sydney HarbourGazewayDoug ReidBelmont
1972/73Lake IllawarraViggers ShondellGary BrunigesBelmont
1971/72BelmontGazewayDoug ReidBelmont
1970/71BelmontGazeway TooDoug ReidBelmont
1969/70Sydney HarbourMinxTrevor BeardsmoreMiddle Harbour
1968/69Yarra BayGazewayDoug ReidBelmont
1967/68St GeorgeMinxTrevor BeardsmoreMiddle Harbour
1966/67BelmontGazewayDoug ReidBelmont
1965/66Sydney HarbourElvina BayKen BeashelMiddle Harbour
1964/65Yarra BayRoulettePhil SingletonGeorges River
1963/64BelmontMaybeBob HolmesMiddle Harbour
1962/63Yarra BayRoulettePhil SingletonGeorges River
1961/62BelmontMaybeBob HolmesMiddle Harbour
1960/61Sydney HarbourJoan IXKen MinterGeorges River
1959/60Sydney HarbourNu-BabsKen BeashelMiddle Harbour
1958/59Yarra BayNu-BabsKen BeashelMiddle Harbour
1957/58BelmontJoan VIIKen MinterGeorges River
1956/57Sydney HarbourPlaygirlMaurie BullToronto
1955/56Botany BayBluejacketJohn Muston (Jnr)Middle Harbour
1954/55Sydney Harbour Joan IVKen MinterGeorges River
1953/54BelmontImp VRon HendryMiddle Harbour
1952/53Sydney HarbourReturnJim O'RourkeMiddle Harbour
1951/52Lake IllawarraCometHamilton (Pat) CollisSt George
1950/51BelmontPilotJohn Muston (Jnr)Middle Harbour
1949/50Sydney Harbour FarewellJohn RosenthallMiddle Harbour
1948/49Botany Bay O'JohnnyWilliam (Billo) HaywardSt George
1947/48Sydney Harbour ThunderBryce MortlockMiddle Harbour
1946/47Belmont AeneasBoyd HumphriesBelmont
1945/46Sydney Harbour YouthWilliam (Billo) HaywardSt George
1944/45Botany BayU-TooJack LyonsMiddle Harbour
1943/44Manly AdiosCliff BoultonSt George
1942/43Botany BayProgressNorm PilgrimSt George
1941/42 No race held due to wartime restrictions  
1940/41Botany BayU-DearJack LyonsMiddle Harbour
1939/40Sydney HarbourRivoli IIJack LyonsMiddle Harbour
1938/39TareeNereisWilliam (Billo) HaywardSt George
1937/38Sydney HarbourEchoWilliam (Billy) LyonsMiddle Harbour
1936/37 NereidWilliam (Billo) HaywardSt George
1935/36Sydney HarbourSay WhenEric ParsonsMiddle Harbour
1934/35TorontoLightningW. (Russell) SladeManly
1933/34 NereidWilliam (Billo) HaywardSt George
1932/33Botany BayBurrawangFred SalmonGeorges River
1931/32Botany BayAngesArtie FaganDrummoyne
1930/31Sydney Harbour ThetisLes SteelToronto
1929/30Sydney Harbour Ajax IIIE. RawlingsSt George
1928/29Sydney Harbour TooEric ParsonsPort Jackson
1927/28Sydney Harbour ValenciaG. FennellSpeers Point
1926/27TorontoWyvernE. WinnToronto
1925/26 CaressLes SteelToronto
1924/25Lake Macquarie IrisJim KendallDrummoyne
1923/24Sydney Harbour WyvernLes SteelToronto
1922/23Sydney Harbour ValeteHarry PricePort Jackson
1921/22Sydney HarbourArleneArthur RodrickPort Jackson
1920/21DrummoyneDaphW. MoncrieffPort Hunter
1919/20Sydney Harbour VaucluseFred NewtonPort Hunter
1918/19Sydney Harbour No result - very high winds  
1917/18Sydney Harbour ValeteHarry PricePort Jackson
1916/17Sydney Harbour VaucluseFred NewtonPort Hunter
1915/16Sydney Harbour IntrepidChris WebbPort Jackson
1914/15Sydney Harbour BritanniaLes SteelPort Hunter
1913/14Sydney Harbour RoseTom PhillipsPort Jackson
1912/13Sydney HarbourEthelW.J. DuncanPort Jackson
1911/12Sydney HarbourMurciaJ. MoppettPort Jackson
1910/11Sydney HarbourDearingHorace RodrickPort Jackson
1909/10Sydney HarbourTruantC.A.M. FisherPort Jackson
1908/09Sydney HarbourCornstalkC. WebbMiddle Harbour
1907/08Sydney HarbourMetaJ. SmithPort Jackson
1906/07Sydney HarbourNativeHorace RodrickPort Jackson

Past Botany Bay Champions (16ft Skiffs)

2019-20Botany AccessGerard SmithManly
2018-19Sutech Building ConsultantsDaniel TurnerManly
2017-18Sutech Building ConsultantsDaniel TurnerManly
2016-17Brydens LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2015-16Brydens LawyersGerard SmithManly
2014-15ATB MortonDanny AndersonBelmont
2013-14Brydens LawyersLee KnaptonManly
2012-13Fluid BuildingClint BowenManly
2011-12Brydens Compensation LawyersLee KnaptonBelmont
2010-11Spatial InfoKieran HumphriesBelmont
2009-10Mitre 10 Kurri KurriKieran HumphriesBelmont
2008-09Bob Jane T Mart EdgecliffeLee KnaptonMiddle Harbour
2007-08VK Thomas Real EstateLee KnaptonMiddle Harbour
2006-07Riley Marine FittingsJack AndrewGeorges River
2005-06Brydens Law OfficeJamie RobertsGeorges River
2004-05Savage BeeBruce SavageManly
2003-04Cummings BuildingAlan CummingsBelmont
2002-03Tooheys Extra DryScott EllisBelmont
2001-02Cummings BuildingAlan CummingsBelmont
2000-01Cummings BuildingAlan CummingsBelmont
1999-2000DavcronMick TurtonBelmont
1998-99OtisLee KnaptonGeorges River
1997-98Pelican MarinaGary BrunigesBelmont
1996-97Skiff DesignsCraig HughesGeorges River
1995-96OtisGreg HydeManly
1994-95Beechwood HomesJohn MilwardBelmont
1993-94Beechwood HomesGary BrunigesBelmont
1992-93Olympic Poker MachinesDennis TankoSt George
1991-92Tankos Turbo TubDennis TankoSt George
1990-91Klegecell FGIGavin JonesManly
1989-90Beechwood HomesDavid AnsteyBelmont
1988-89Derakane FGIRichard De VriesManly
1987-88OtisDennis TankoGeorges River
1986-87Espree Light CoolersDennis TankoSt George
1985-86Burwood CalendersDennis TankoSt George
1984-85Burwood CalendersDennis TankoSt George
1983-84MarabouGlenn YorkSt George
1982-83PeregrinePaul RileySt George
1981-82Burwood CalendersDennis TankoSt George
1980-81McKellar SailsGraeme McKellarDrummoyne
1979-80McKellar SailsGraeme McKellarDrummoyne
1978-79Buckle ToyotaTrevor BarnabasManly
1977-78ThrushWP (Bill) RileySt George
1976-77Viggers ShondellGary BrunigesBelmont
1975-76Viggers ShondellGary BrunigesBelmont
1974-75ImperiumDavid McKaySt George
1973-74RompJohn MooreBelmont
1972-73BlunderWilliam SpicerDrummoyne
1971-72Pop CReg ClarkePort Hunter
1970-71Blue FinMichael PolkinghorneManly
1969-70RoulettePhil SingletonGeorges River
1968-69Billy BlinkFrank MalonyGeorges River
1967-68RoulettePhil SingletonGeorges River
1966-67GazewayDoug ReidBelmont
1965-66Elvina BayKen BeashelMiddle Harbour
1964-65JoanKen MinterGeorges River
1963-64Red HandHugh TreharneManly
1962-63JoanKen MinterGeorges River
1961-62VolponeH (Pat) CollisSt George
1960-61Big BearKen BeashelMiddle Harbour
1959-60JoanKen MinterGeorges River
1958-59VentureDon BarnettGeorges River
1957-58KadinaThomas HaywardSt George
1956-57JuliePhil SingletonGeorges River
1955-56MatanaLloyd MonkhouseManly
1954-55JoanKen MinterGeorges River
1953-54BilloW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1952-53ScampDudley StewartMiddle Harbour
1951-52BilloW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1950-51PilotJack MustonMiddle Harbour
1949-50O'JohnnyW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1948-49O'JohnnyW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1947-48Progress IINorman PilgramSt George
1946-47AdiosCliff BoultonSt George
1945-46RipplesCliff BoultonSt George
1944-45ResolveFred RolestonSt George
1943-44ProgressNorman PilgramSt George
1942-43ProgressNorman PilgramSt George
1941-42AdiosCliff BoultonSt George
1940-41NeriesW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1939-40NeriesW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1938-39Ace TooCliff BoultonSt George
1937-38NeriesW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1936-37MavisH (Pat) CollisSt George
1935-36NeriesW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1934-35AceCliff BoultonSt George
1933-34AceCliff BoultonSt George
1932-33BurawangGeorge SelmonGeorges River
1931-32AgnesAlf FaganDrummoyne
1930-31InvictaBert SwinbournePort Jackson
1929-30AjaxR RawlingsSt George
1928-29BrightonLes SleighSt George
1927-28InvictaBert SwinbourneSt George
1926-27InvictaBert SwinbourneSt George
1925-26SutherlandGeorge SelmonSt George
1924-25UniqueBert SwinbourneBirchgrove
1923-24ShamrockP GriffithBirchgrove
1922-23PsycheJack LambSt George
1921-22PsycheW (Billo) HaywardSt George
1920-21StellaW DuncanSt George
1919-20GwenE EllisDrummoyne
1916-17SydneyE TalbotSt George
1915-16AussieG WitchardSt George
1914-15AussieG WitchardSt George
1913-14ReneW Duncan JrSt George
1912-13ReneW Duncan JrSt George
1911-12ReneW Duncan JrSt George
1910-11St GeorgeW DunnSt George
1909-10SydneyH CollisSt George
1908-09St GeorgeW DunnSt George

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