13FT Skiff


The 13ft skiff has been designed as an intermediate skiff to provide a reasonably priced stepping stone between the Junior classes such as a Flying 11 and the 16ft skiff.

Its purpose is to give teenagers the fun and experience needed to take the step into the 16ft skiff class.

The ASSA is currently promoting this class along with the 16ft skiff racing amongst clubs where 16s are sailed. 

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The boat has been designed as a scaled down version of the 16ft skiff. The current 16ft skiff hull shape was used as a guide to produce a hull which gives high performance yet is still forgiving to the teenager with a limited amount of experience in this type of class.

The rig is again a scaled down version of the 16ft skiffs. It is well balanced and while being a touch larger than classes with one trapeze and of a similar hull length it is more than manageable in all round conditions.

The design has been influenced by the experience and innovations that have been used successfully in 16ft skiffs with a clean cockpit layout and functioning control systems that make the boat easy to sail.

The Class Rules and Regulation are based on those adopted by the 16ft skiffs and are tried and tested (by both the courts and sailors).

  • The hulls are strictly one design.
  • The sails and rigging have maximum and minimum measurements and are open to all manufacturers.
  • There are no monopolies on anything other than the hull.