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Feature Image Copyright: Michael Chittenden. Photographer: Michael Chittenden

Regatta Documents

We are using the ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’ Event management platform. The following items will be published there.
Other documents and forms can be found below.


13ft: 0
16ft: 31

Boat Name Class Club Skipper Crew 1 Crew 2
16ft Fake Boat 16ft MH16SC William McMahon Michael McMahon Justin Time
AJW Plumbing 16ft Port Hunter David BrHE todd Anderson Peter Kershaw
Aristocrat 16ft B16 Kimberly Baker Jackson Baker Jon Searles
Bella Group services 16ft B16 Craig Wright Griffin Suters Rohan Perceval
CJK Design Management 16ft B16 Darby Jones Luke Easey Adam Gillson
Contender Sailcloth 16ft B16 Will Howard Richard Howard Rory Murtagh
Dominos 16ft B16 Michael Quirk Dallas Dawson Thomas Steenson
Fire Response 16ft B16 Bailey James Rob James Jackson Clare
FIREBALL 16ft M16SSC James Downey James Pinnington Sam Skeen
Hahn Super Dry 16ft B16 James Pilgrim Troy Dobinson Zac Dobinson
IGT 16ft B16 Adam Kelty Michael Brown Pete Gardner
Insight Building Services 16ft B16 Rod Carter Rob Flanagan Andrew Stone
Kilos 16ft Port Hunter David croft Anthony Johnson David Brake
Konami 16ft B16 Bethany Sherry Jason Thomson Shane Slattery
Newcastle financial planning group 16ft B16 Ben Bruniges Dave Hickey Justin Sharrock
Noakes 16ft StGSC Lee Knapton Peter Mackie Ricky Bridge
Pepsi MAX 16ft B16 Ross Stutchbury Ben Pilley Shane Burke
SKE Electrical 16ft B16 Banjo Nicholson Scott Beeby Joel Skelton
Toogara 16ft StGSC Tom Clout Sam Monkhouse Sam Worrall
Tribeca 16ft StGSC Ben Bradley James Turner Rory Cox
TTR Civil 16ft StGSC Phil Bower Ryan Lindsay Richard Nardone
Y 16ft Port Hunter Arran Gore Boris Karloff ZsaZsa Gabor

Event Registration

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