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All results for Australian events for 13ft & 16ft Skiffs

Current Season - 2023/24

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Past Australian Champions

13ft Skiffs

2021-22Belmont, NSWCheekyMax DowneyNSW
2020-21Gosford, NSWBigfoot Bags & CoversJames DowneyNSW
2019-20Salamander Bay, NSWAWOLHarry ParkerNSW
2018-19DPSS, Manly, QLDBartley ConstructionDaniel BromelowNSW
2017-18Middle Harbour, NSWMighty-Mite Carlton Smith QLD
2016-17Lake Illawarra, NSWMighty-Mite Carlton Smith QLD
2015-16Hervey Bay, QLDIncorrigible OptimistsJessica IlesNSW
2014-15Belmont, NSWBridgestoneNatasha IvshenkoNSW
2013-14Drummoyne, NSWHoley Dollar RumAnnalise GilbertNSW
2012-13Manly, NSWLED InnovationsFelix GrechNSW
2011-12Hervey Bay, QLDBell Potter SecuritiesDeclan ReillyNSW
2010-11RQYS, Manly, QLDBell Potter SecuritiesDeclan ReillyNSW
2009-10Belmont, NSWNorthside Sailing SchoolScott CottonNSW
2008-09Lake Illawarra, NSWwww WattersonNSW
2007-08RQYS, Manly, QLDTyphoon ShirtsMitchell WhiteNSW
2006-07Geelong, VICTyphoon T-ShirtsDaniel TurnerNSW
2005-06Manly, NSWBarli BarliMitchell WhiteNSW

16ft Skiffs

Season Venue Skiff Skipper State
2021-22Belmont NSW RonstanNathan WilmontNSW
2020-21 Gosford NSW River Wild Warwick Rooklyn NSW
2019-20 Salamander Bay NSW Sutech Musto Racing Daniel Turner NSW
2018-19 DPSS, Manly QLD Manly Surf N Slide David O’Connor NSW
2017-18 Middle Harbour NSW Manly Surf N Slide Joe Turner / Ben Bianco NSW
2016-17 Lake Illawarra NSW TJS Services Henry Makin NSW
2015-16 MSC, Hervey Bay QLD Brydens Lawyers Lee Knapton NSW
2014-15 Belmont NSW Brydens Lawyers Lee Knapton NSW
2013-14 Drummoyne NSW Brydens Lawyers Lee Knapton NSW
2012-13 Manly NSW Brydens Compensation Lawyers Lee Knapton NSW
2011-12 MSC, Hervey Bay QLD Fluid Building Services Clint Bowen NSW
2010-11 RQYS, Manly QLD Brydens Compensation Lawyers Lee Knapton NSW
2009-10 Belmont NSW Fluid Building Clint Bowen NSW
2008-09 Lake Illawarra NSW Fire Stopping James Dorron NSW
2007-08 RQYS, Manly QLD Fire Stopping James Dorron NSW
2006-07 Geelong VIC Bob Jane T-Mart, Edgecliff Lee Knapton NSW
2005-06 Manly NSW Fluid Building Services Clint Bowen NSW
2004-05 QCYC, Shornecliffe QLD Bob Jane T-Mart Lee Knapton NSW
2003-04 Georges River NSW Trojan Fibreglass John Boyd NSW
2002-03 RQYS, Manly QLD Luxury Yacht Cruises Greg Searant NSW
2001-02 Middle Harbour NSW Skilled Engineering John Boyd NSW
2000-01 Belmont NSW Skilled Engineering John Boyd NSW
1999-00 MSC, Hervey Bay QLD B.C. Coatings Lee Knapton NSW
1998-99 MBSC, Perth WA Pelican Boating Centre Gary Bruniges NSW
1997-98 St George NSW Otis Dean Blatchford NSW
1996-97 DPSS, Manly QLD Light Ice Danny Anderson NSW
1995-96 MBSC, Perth WA Otis Greg Hyde NSW
1994-95 Drummoyne, NSW Otis Greg Hyde NSW
1993-94 BSS, Brisbane QLD Beechwood Homes Gary Bruniges NSW
1992-93 MBSC, Perth WA McKay Marine David McKay NSW
1991-92 Belmont NSW Beechwood Homes Too Gary Bruniges NSW
1990-91 MSC, Hervey Bay QLD Olympic Poker Machines Dennis Tanko NSW
1989-90 Frankston, VIC Otis Dennis Tanko NSW
1988-89 MBSC, Perth WA Otis Dennis Tanko NSW
1987-88 Lake Illawarra NSW A.S.E.A. Gavin Jones NSW
1986-87 MSC, Hervey Bay QLD A.S.E.A. Gavin Jones NSW
1985-86 Frankston VIC Allen Burwood Calendars Dennis Tanko NSW
1984-85 MBSC, Perth WA Burwood Calendars Dennis Tanko NSW
1983-84 Middle Harbour NSW Burwood Calendars Dennis Tanko NSW
1982-83 DPSS, Manly QLD Otis Alan Gray NSW
1981-82 MBSC, Perth WA International Yacht Paints David McKay NSW
1980-81 Gosford NSW McKellar Sails Graham McKellar NSW
1979-80 Cairns QLD Merlin WP (Peter) Riley NSW
1978-79 MBSC, Perth WA Buckle Toyota Trevor Barnabas NSW
1977-78 GRSC, Botany Bay NSW Manta Marine Trevor Barnabas NSW
1976-77 DPSS, Manly QLD Manta Trevor Barnabas NSW
1975-76 MBSC, Perth WA Matana William (Bill) McMahon NSW
1974-75 Manly NSW Viggers Shondell Gary Bruniges NSW
1973-74 PDSC, Bowen QLD McKellar Sails Graham McKellar NSW
1972-73 MBSC, Perth WA Gazeway II Doug Reid NSW
1971-72 Belmont NSW Gazeway Doug Reid NSW
1970-71 BSS, Brisbane QLD Minx Trevor Beardsmore NSW
1969-70 MBSC, Perth WA Minx Trevor Beardsmore NSW
1968-69 Botany Bay NSW Gazeway Doug Reid NSW
1967-68 DPSS, Manly QLD Pamm Paints Neville Buckley QLD
1966-67 MBSC, Perth WA Julie Ann Neville Buckley QLD
1965-66 Sydney Harbour NSW Joan Ken Minter NSW
1964-65 DPSS, Manly QLD Joan Ken Minter NSW
1963-64 Perth WA Evelyn XII Jack Cassidy WA
1962-63 Sydney NSW Joan Ken Minter NSW
1961-62 Brisbane QLD Seaforth Ken Beashel NSW
1960-61 Perth WA Evelyn IX Jack Cassidy WA
1959-60 Sydney NSW Joan IX Ken Minter NSW
1958-59 Brisbane QLD Evelyn VII Jack Cassidy WA
1957-58 Perth WA Elva II Ron Grey WA
1956-57 Sydney Harbour NSW James H Robert (Bob) Schroder NSW
1955-56 Brisbane QLD Evelyn V Jack Cassidy WA
1954-55 Perth WA Evelyn IV Jack Cassidy WA
1953-54 Melbourne VIC Evelyn III Jack Cassidy WA
1952-53 Sydney NSW Return Jim O'Rourke NSW
1951-52 Brisbane QLD Joy VI Ronnie T Wright QLD
1950-51 Perth WA Romp F Hudson WA
1949-50 Melbourne VIC O'Johnny W (Billo) Hayward NSW
1948-49 Sydney NSW O'Johnny W (Billo) Hayward NSW
1947-48 Brisbane QLD ViV Vic Lucas QLD
1946-47 Perth WA Joy Ronnie T Wright QLD
1940-41 Sydney NSW U-Dear Jack Lyons NSW
1939-40 Brisbane QLD Imp Ron Hendry QLD
1938-39 Perth WA Imp Ron Hendry QLD
1937-38 Sydney NSW Imp Ron Hendry QLD
1936-37 Brisbane QLD Imp Ron Hendry QLD
1935-36 Perth WA Aeolian John (Jack) Mitchell

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