Nationals Support Boat Registration

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2022 Nationals Support Boats

2022 Nationals Support Boats

If you are a support vessel, you must complete this form to notify the race committee that you will be on the water.

If applicatble
Enter the primary skiff that you are supporting.
Enter a brief visual description of the vessel. Size, colour, type etc

NOR 14 - Support Boats

  1. Support boats will register with the Race Committee at the Race Office and be issued with a support boat flag. Support Boats will be required to nominate which skiff they will be primarily supporting and provide contact details for the Skipper of the Support Boat.
  2. Coaches and other support personnel shall remain a minimum of 150 metres from all competing skiffs from the time of the preparatory signal for the start until the skiff has finished or the race committee signals a race postponement or abandonment. A skiff which has been flagged as finished or has retired may be approached by support personnel provided it is clear of the race area. The penalty for failing to keep clear could result in disqualification via protest of boats nominated as being supported by the infringing Support Boat or any other boat which the Race Committee observes as being supported by the Support Boat in question.
I have read and understood the above NOR clause. *
I understand that my details we be used for SMS notifications to support craft during the event. *