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NSW 16ft Skiff – News update September

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  • Post last modified:September 1, 2019
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Hi All,

Here are some NSW 16ft Skiff Association updates in preparation for the coming sailing season.

Notice of Race

With the 2019/20 season fast approaching, I have attached a copy of the Notice of Race for the NSW State Championships and other NSW Interclub Regattas for the season.    

Boat Registration

All boats racing with a club affiliated with the NSW 16ft Skiff Association (“the Association”) must register each season with the Association, regardless of whether you will be sailing in any interclub regattas or events during the season.

This season, registrations must again be completed online through the skiff website by logging on through the RaceHub tab ( ).  For a new boat you will need to logon through RaceHub and complete all the necessary details.  If you still have the same boat as last season (2018/19) all you will need to do is logon, select your boat name and tick the “2019/20 season” box, then make any updates, where necessary, to the information that you entered last season, then simply click on “Update”.  The registration fee will be invoiced to your club during the season, however, if you prefer you can pay the fee directly to the Association by contacting me through the contact form and I can provide you with the Association’s bank account details and the amount that is payable for boats registered with your club.

Registration and membership requirements for the club where you normally sail will depend on that club, however, clubs will be encouraged by the Association to utilise the data that has been provided on the registration form as it can be made available to them, if requested. 

State Championship and Interclub Regatta Entries

If you are registering a skiff in NSW and wish to enter one or more of the various interclub events run by the NSW 16ft Skiff Association during the 2019/20 season, you will need to complete the online regatta entry form via the skiff website and the “MyState” – “NSW Inter-club Event Registration” tab ( ).  Once your boat has been registered, any information required on the regatta entry form that was previously provided on the registration form will be pre-populated, so you will only have to click on the event(s) that you wish to enter and then make any changes to the pre-populated information that may be relevant for a particular event(s). The regatta entry form will indicate the relevant fee payable for the regatta(s) that you are entering.  If your club does not normally pay your regatta entry fees, the Association now has PayPal as a method of payment, so you can now pay for your regatta entry fees online with most major credit cards.

Crew Finder

ASSA has now introduced a database for people to register their availability to sail on a skiff (13ft or 16ft).  People interested in sailing on a skiff can now register their details on the skiff website – .  Boat owners can then access this database by logging into RaceHub on the website and clicking on the “Crew Finder Board”

Also for your reference, in a separate option to finding crew, ASSA has been engaged by SailConnect (a phone application) to support their crew finding app.  To learn more click on the following links.

Boat Sponsors are now able to be promoted on the Association Website

A functionality has now been enabled within the Association website to allow boat owners the opportunity to advertise their boat sponsors on the skiff website.  Not only does this assist with marketing our class to others by showing the huge support by businesses, it also provides skiff owners a benefit that could potentially assist with gaining sponsors for their own boat.  This functionality is available for all boat owners through the RaceHub link on the skiff website.

Adding Sponsors to the Website

  1. Go to RaceHub
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Go to Manage -> mySkiff -> click mySponsor
  4. Fill out the Form (with logo)
  5. Click Submit

Note that it may take up to 2 business days for it to become viewable online as all submissions will be reviewed before publishing. See attached image to see where you can find the form.

If anyone is having any troubles in doing this, please contact Nathan through the contact form to assist.


Michael McMahon

Secretary  | NSW 16ft Skiff Association