NSW 16ft Skiff – News update September

September 1, 2019News, Skiff Notices

Hi All,

Here are some NSW 16ft Skiff Association updates in preparation for the coming sailing season.

Notice of Race

With the 2019/20 season fast approaching, I have attached a copy of the Notice of Race for the NSW State Championships and other NSW Interclub Regattas for the season.    

Boat Registration

All boats racing with a club affiliated with the NSW 16ft Skiff Association (“the Association”) must register each season with the Association, regardless of whether you will be sailing in any interclub regattas or events during the season.

This season, registrations must again be completed online through the skiff website by logging on through the RaceHub tab (https://skiffs.org.au/racehub/ ).  For a new boat you will need to logon through RaceHub and complete all the necessary details.  If you still have the same boat as last season (2018/19) all you will need to do is logon, select your boat name and tick the “2019/20 season” box, then make any updates, where necessary, to the information that you entered last season, then simply click on “Update”.  The registration fee will be invoiced to your club during the season, however, if you prefer you can pay the fee directly to the Association by contacting me through the contact form and I can provide you with the Association’s bank account details and the amount that is payable for boats registered with your club.

Registration and membership requirements for the club where you normally sail will depend on that club, however, clubs will be encouraged by the Association to utilise the data that has been provided on the registration form as it can be made available to them, if requested. 

State Championship and Interclub Regatta Entries

If you are registering a skiff in NSW and wish to enter one or more of the various interclub events run by the NSW 16ft Skiff Association during the 2019/20 season, you will need to complete the online regatta entry form via the skiff website and the “MyState” – “NSW Inter-club Event Registration” tab (https://skiffs.org.au/racehub/ ).  Once your boat has been registered, any information required on the regatta entry form that was previously provided on the registration form will be pre-populated, so you will only have to click on the event(s) that you wish to enter and then make any changes to the pre-populated information that may be relevant for a particular event(s). The regatta entry form will indicate the relevant fee payable for the regatta(s) that you are entering.  If your club does not normally pay your regatta entry fees, the Association now has PayPal as a method of payment, so you can now pay for your regatta entry fees online with most major credit cards.

Crew Finder

ASSA has now introduced a database for people to register their availability to sail on a skiff (13ft or 16ft).  People interested in sailing on a skiff can now register their details on the skiff website – https://skiffs.org.au/racehub/crew-finder-form/ .  Boat owners can then access this database by logging into RaceHub on the website and clicking on the “Crew Finder Board”  https://skiffs.org.au/racehub/crew-finder-board/

Also for your reference, in a separate option to finding crew, ASSA has been engaged by SailConnect (a phone application) to support their crew finding app.  To learn more click on the following links.

Boat Sponsors are now able to be promoted on the Association Website

A functionality has now been enabled within the Association website to allow boat owners the opportunity to advertise their boat sponsors on the skiff website.  Not only does this assist with marketing our class to others by showing the huge support by businesses, it also provides skiff owners a benefit that could potentially assist with gaining sponsors for their own boat.  This functionality is available for all boat owners through the RaceHub link on the skiff website.

Adding Sponsors to the Website

  1. Go to RaceHub
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Go to Manage -> mySkiff -> click mySponsor
  4. Fill out the Form (with logo)
  5. Click Submit

Note that it may take up to 2 business days for it to become viewable online as all submissions will be reviewed before publishing. See attached image to see where you can find the form.

If anyone is having any troubles in doing this, please contact Nathan through the contact form to assist.


Michael McMahon

Secretary  | NSW 16ft Skiff Association

Hunters Hill Sprints saw big rigs and big dives

August 26, 2019News

16’s joined the Hunters Hill crowd to burn up a few sprint races on the upper harbour waters. With all boats boasting big rigs in up to a gusty 19 knots, there was plenty on.

The ADCO boys managed to get some fantastic footage, check it out!

NSW Inter-Club Event Registration Open

August 12, 2019News, Skiff Notices

You can now register your boat for the 2019/20 NSW Inter-Club Series. go to Manage->MyState->NSW Inter-Club Event Registration. Make sure you are logged in to access the form.

Also make sure you support your sponsor and post your sponsors logo and details with the mySponsor Form to show their logo on our site home page.

The first round of the NSW State Championships will be held at Drummoyne, with a trial format of up to 3 races over the two days. The following round will be at Belmont 16’s. NOR and SI’s will be made available once finalised.

See you all there!

2019 Hunters Hill Sprints

August 1, 2019News

The Hunters Hill Asymmetric Weekend will be held August 24-25. Another great weekend of sailing to put in the calendar. It’s on again!!!

After a fantastic weekend in 2018 where Flying Ants raced 49ers, 16’s, 13’s and 29er’s around the Inner West Harbour, we are lining up again bigger and better in 2019!!! Will the Cherubs turn up?? Will a Nacra15 or two pop along? Will we see a Musto Skiff (has anyone ever seen a Musto Skiff?)?? Will some RS dinghies come along, or an MG?

This weekend is all about dusting off your fast off the beach asymmetric rigged weapon of choice, and heading out in the late Winter weather to kick off your 2019/20 campaign!!! And there is a strong rumour the Queensland and Victorian Assy sailors might be coming too ….

Is it serious?? Sort of – we’d love everyone to enjoy the coaching day and learn from some terrific coaches … but we’d also just love seeing fast boats out in the Bay blasting around with folks having an awesome time!!! And who knows, the people you meet might just be your next crew or skipper some time down the track!!!

What this is not … a grimly serious, overly briefed yawnfest … lets get out and sail!!!!

We will be having a BBQ after sailing on both days, so please come along and enjoy the fun – and thanks Michael Chittenden for the awesome pics last year!!! http://www.michael-chittenden-photography.com

Do come along and enjoy training and racing on the waters adjacent to Hunters Hill Sailing Club.


Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August 2019
$110.00 (inc GST) per boat for the series or
$30.00 (inc GST) per boat for Sunday sprints only

Skiffs at the Sydney International Boat Show

July 31, 2019News

We will be on show, high and dry, for the 2019 Sydney International Boat Show alongside Musto Australiasia.

The boat show is typically a motorboat driven event, but recently organisers are trying to promote the sailing side of boating. Musto will be promoting their skiff clothing line, one perfectly complimented by the Sutech 16ft Skiff hanging directly above it. If you are around the area, pop your head in and check out the 16ft skiff dominating the floor.

See you there!

Ross Bell Electrical 2019 Australian CHS Secondary Schools Sailing Champions

April 19, 2019News

Photographer: RedHotShotz Photography

The CHS as it is widely known is an institution on the East Coast for Aussie Sailors. The 16ft Skiff Ross Bell Electrical have taken out this years Title skippered by Will Divola with crew Alastair Hunter and Alex Hart (the Forest High School). Scoring four bullets and a second throughout the series and taking out the Overall Prize at the Australian High School Championships in Belmont NSW.

Will, Alistair and Alex | 2019 Australian Combined High School Champions. Photographer: Andrew Divola

When asked about his championship win, Will said: “It feels great to finally win the big one after 6 years of CHS, doing it with two of my best mates couldn’t be any better.”

Waiting for breeze… Why not go for a crew swap? | Photographer: RedHotShotz Photography

The celebrations will be big for the Divola and Hart families with upcoming Flying 11 sailors Sophie Hart and Bella Divola (Brigidine College) Winning the ‘All Girls’ Division Trophy.

The Flying 11 class is a major stepping stone in the pathway to skiff sailing with the crew of Ross Bell Electrical also having competed in the class. Will and Alastair currently sail together on a 13ft Skiff, and this experience together is sure to have played a part in their success.

Sophie Hart and Bella Divola | ‘All Girls’ Division winner | Photographer: RedHotShotz Photography

There is great promise through the development of Junior sailing in these classes and we hope to see Sophie and Bella progress into 13ft Skiffs in the coming years.

Junior classes such as the Manly Junior and Flying 11 are seeing a greater number of female sailors joining the ranks. Sailing is one of few sports that allow all crews to compete against each other irrespective of gender. Historically sailing has been very male dominant, but it seems the landscape is shifting significantly in the junior fleets.

‘The Red One’ steered by Rhiannan Brown, crewed by Bella Green and Sebastian Majorian | Photographer: RedHotShotz Photography

The Aussie Skiff fleets are seeing a steady increase in female participation as seen in this years CHS regatta with two 16ft skiffs having two females onboard. With Sarah Lee as Vice Commodore, the Aussie Skiffs are keen to ensure the pathway is open to all sailors and that we will see this shift more significantly in the coming years, with sailors in the junior classes moving up the development pathways and into the 13ft and 16ft Skiffs.

Sarah Lee, Vice Commodore of the Australian Skiff Association on Lancelin Ropes | Photographer: Michael Chittenden


Overall Results

Aussie Skiffs Facebook

Flying 11 Website

Combined High School Championship Facebook


Skiffs competing in the 41st Australian Secondary Schools Championships

April 16, 2019News

Monday was the first day of the 2019 Combined High School Sailing Championships, held out of Belmont 16ft Skiff Club on Lake Macquarie. The event brings junior sailors together for a week of fun racing – generally on boats a little out of their comfort zone! It is a chance to sail something you have not sailed before and to make new friends from other fleets and clubs.

Skiffs are considered one of the more difficult boats to sail, but that hasn’t deterred the 15 or so 13ft and 16 Skiffs entering this year’s regatta! A fantastic turnout for the Aussie Skiffs with the weather turning it on for the young sailors on day one.

‘Kamakazie’ steered by Peter Mcleod, with crew Lilly Smith and Will Beck sailing for The Kings School | Photographer: RedHotShotz

The first race looked like all the skiffs were still finding their feet, the boat layouts or maybe just working out that having three people trying to make a decision is much harder to work with.

Bethany Sherry, with crew Dylan Write and Rory Murtagh on ‘Toohey’s Extra Dry’ (16ft Skiff | Warners Bay High School) squeezed into the top ten in the first race. Hot on their tail was Will Divola steering ‘Ross Bell Electrical’ (16ft Skiff | The Forest High School) and Ryan Ewings on ‘Gleco Enterprises’ (13ft Skiff | Engadine High School) crewed by Daniel Costandi.

‘The Red One’ from Central Coast Grammar School | Steered by Rhiannan Brown, crewed by Bella Green and Sebastian Majorian | Photographer: RedHotShotz

Once the cobwebs were out the crews settled in with race two, Ross Bell Electrical took the bullet, with Gleco Enterprises just behind in second place.

‘Toohey’s Extra Dry’ steered by Bethany Sherry | Photographer: RedHotShotz

While the award for the best photo is split between ‘Ross Bell Electrical’ and ‘The Red One’, we can’t help but notice how many young women are getting into the class!

‘Sydney Sailmakers’ from Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College | steered by Eve Peel, crewed by Lola Vickery and Josh Dyer | Photographer: RedHotShotz


Nathan Edwards

Commodore | Australian Skiff Sailing Association



Results | Race 1

Results | Race 2

Aussie Skiffs Facebook

Combined High School Championship Facebook

2019-20 Australian 13ft & 16ft Skiff Championships

January 21, 2019News

Please be advised that the dates and venue for the 2019-20 Australian 16ft & 13ft Skiff Championships have been confirmed.


Venue – Port Stephens Sailing & Aquatic Club

Seaview Crescent

Salamander Bay NSW 2317

Situated on the Eastern Shore of Soldiers Point


Dates – Saturday 4th – Saturday 11th January 2020

The ASSA Committee will advise shortly of the racing format, measuring and registration date and any other relevant information as soon as it becomes available.


Brad Andrew

ASSA Secretary

Aussie 13ft & 16ft Skiffs, sending it into the regatta season

November 28, 2018News, Newsletter

Ignorance is bliss as far as Sutech Building Consultants skipper Daniel Turner is concerned as he prepares for the 2018/19 NSW 16ft Skiff Championships.

Turner has done his best to resign last year’s campaign to the history books after Sutech finished a disappointing 13th overall following just the solitary top 10 placing across four heats.

Sutech during club racing out of Manly 16ft Skiff Club. Photographer: Michael Chittenden. Copyright: Manly 16’s

And the skipper is not too keen to dissect the form of his main rivals ahead of the final two heats at Gosford on December 1-2.

Turner believes it’s all about what Sutech needs to get right, not so much what other boats are up to.

“We’ve just tried to make it about us and not get too caught up in what the others are doing,” he explained.

“It’s always a quality fleet for the States and any one of about 10 boats are genuine contenders, so the more you think about the competition, the more sleep you lose.

“We have kicked off with a fair bit of momentum and are in a lot better position than in previous seasons.

“After sailing together for so long you start to think what else is there to learn, but we’ve been developing new things, increasing communications, refining things on the boat.

“We have had no issues or breakages. Things could not have gone much better.

“I’ve got a really good feeling based on what we’ve learnt in just a few races.

“Now it’s time to get out of comfort zone and bump up our goals and start to win some trophies.”

Sutech’s Manly stablemates Surf n Slide (Dave O’Connor), Lancelin Ropes (Sarah Lee) and Koreman Marine (Felix Grech)) are among the main contenders, with Brydens Lawyers (Lee Knapton) from St George and Newcastle’s Southern Beaches Rugby (Rod Carter), Starr Facility Services (Henry Makin) and Fire Stopping (Will Howard).

Lee Sails during the 2018 Peroni 13ft & 16ft Skiff Nationals out of MH16’s. Photographer: Michael Chittenden. Copyright: Middle Harbour 16ft Skiff Club.

O’Connor has a rich history in the 49er and 18ft classes but is fulltime at the helm of a 16ft for the first time.

He has big shoes to fill, replacing reigning Australian champion Joe Turner.

“My job is being made easy by having two blokes like Trent (Barnabas) and Rob (Napper) in the boat…just look at how many titles those blokes have won between them.

“We are cutting out the mistakes and getting better with each race.”

After an almost unbeatable position, winning both races during the first heat at Port Hunter. O’Connor has to carry on the work of Nathan Wilmont, who steered the Surf’n Slide to victory in the first two heats.

Lancelin Ropes skipper Sarah Lee heads the female charge at the States and is aiming high.

“Lately we’ve been getting some great results in the heavier breeze.

“We have really broadened what we consider our ideal conditions and have been consistent across various wind ranges this season.

“We’ve always been known as light wind specialists but not anymore.

“But we know it will be tough.”

How tough?

Just ask Lee Knapton.

He has piloted Bryden Lawyers to the last four NSW Championships and reckons they are tougher to win than an Australian 16ft crown.

“It’s harder to win than the nationals because they’re not held at the same location,” Knapton explained.

The contenders! Bydens leading the pack out of the mark rounding. Photographer: Michael Chittenden

“You don’t build up any momentum because you race two heats and then have a weekend off and then race another two heats at a different location.

“This year will be very interesting. We have been a bit slow getting on the water due to work commitments but we think we can pick it up quickly.

“The fleet just builds in strength each year and the young blokes are coming to sort us out, but we will be alright on the day.”

Bryden’s experience in all conditions will be invaluable over the State Championships. Emerging out of Port Hunter with a 3rd place, puts them in good stead for Gosford.

You would expect local knowledge to be a big advantage, but Belmont sailor Adam Gillson is not sure

He’s on the sheet aboard Southern Beaches Rugby (Rod Carter) and found Port Hunter to be a challenge.

“Port Hunter can be crazy place to sail. You can get a ship taking up half the riverway,” Gillson said with a laugh.

“You can be leading and might have to stop the boat and have the fleet catch up to you.

“And with all the high-rise buildings, gusts come from nowhere. You’ve really got to be on guard the whole time.

“If you get a podium finish you’ve really earned it.

“Any one of 10-15 boats could win it.”

The 16’s are seeing an emerging youth talent streak, with Cunninghams breaking out to place top 5 in both heats to place 2nd overall and Koreman Marine Composites sitting in a notable 5th place behind Fire Stopping.

Cunninghams putting on a show during a SE’er at Manly. Photographer: Michael Chittenden. Copyright: Manly 16’s

13ft Skiffs are also competing as part of the NSW Skiff State Championships, showing the logical skiff progression for youth sailors. After seeing the Flying Ant fleet sailing out of Port Hunter, the 13’s presence was certainly admired.

Bartley Construction (Daniel Heyworth and Daniel Bromelow), The Kitchen Maker (Zac and Jake Barnabas) and Bruce (Will Divola and Alastair Hunter) battled it out for the top 3 places at Port Hunter, with Bruce & The Kitchen Maker both sitting in first place.

Promoting the class is something the Divola family know too well. Andrew Divola has been a fantastic supporter of the class, creating enthusiasm within the sailors in the class, including his son Will.

Bartley Constructions attempting a sneaky port hander during the recent Port Hunter States. Photographer: Neil Pinnington.

The Barnabas boys come off a famous production line of sailors, with grandfather Trevor and father Trent successful and well-known figures in the skiffs ranks.

The family is a big supporter of the 13ft class.

“This class needs plenty of love because it’s a great stepping stone to the 16s and beyond,” Trent said.

“We need to build the numbers and the States are the perfect way to promote the class.

“You don’t get to see too much of the boats from other clubs, so this is a great opportunity to see what’s out there and how the class is developing.”

With such a close scorecard in both fleets, the next round at Gosford will prove to be a test of consistency and determination. Gosford provides a course that will keep the fleet on their toes, with Surf’n Slide keeping one eye backwards and the next contenders hot in pursuit.

Port Hunter Results: www.bit.ly/NSWskiffResults

Australian Skiff Sailing Association

Website: www.skiffs.org.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AussieSkiffs
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aussieskiffs/