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Regatta Documents

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Events / Schedule

Note: Schedule published in the Sailing Instructions take precedence.

Club Services

St George Sailing Club will be open daily from 9am and will offer bacon and egg breakfast rolls and coffee for purchase. Additionally, the Club will have a limited number of sandwiches available for purchase alongside sports drinks. The regular menu is available daily from 12:00pm but bear in mind
there can be service delays due to regular daily business.

As for attire, footwear and shirts must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times, and wet clothes including wet sailing equipment may be asked to use the outside facilities.

Sail Racing is our official regatta merchandise provider and
will be on site every day to assist with regatta merchandise sales and some special offerings. Be sure to stop by and ask about getting your club lettering pressed onto your event shirt or a hat!

Boat Crew Gear will be on hand selling technical gear for the
first few days of the regatta and then can drop things for next-morning delivery if required. Check out their site for the range of brands and products they stock.

The DeckHardware Van will be there Saturday Morning with
Hardware and Cordage available from their brands. Mel will be in attendance for the balance of the regatta with product in her car. Should you require something please message DeckHardware social media or jump on their website live chat.

We will have an event physio on site Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Services will be available in 15-20min increments based on walk-up or appointment only. Times are approximately 10am-1pm and 4-5pm, weather dependent of course.

Club Services



Boat Name Club Skipper Crew 1
Bartley Construction 13 M16SSC taylor springett hugh skeen
EBIX-Sail Racing M16SSC Jemma Hopkins James Hopkins
Awol M16SSC Andrew de Montfort Jake Bentley
WaterBorn Magic Marine M16SSC Abigail Rolfe Julien Williamson
Black Cat HKSC Angus Stewart Thomas Meacock
Bigfoot Bags And Covers HKSC byron lowe Lachlan Favaloro
QED M16SSC David Tulk Alex Baldi
CyberTechGroup.org M16SSC Theo Franklin Coby Napper
Ronstan M16SSC Ollie Ross Charlie Snell
The Kitchen Maker supported by DeckHardware M16SSC Tayla Lees Tim Lees
Fluid M16SSC Donald Rowlison Liam Karunaratne
Botany Scaffold M16SSC Sophie Hart Bella Divola
Harken 13 ft Skiff Team M16SSC Heidi Bates Orlando Sadlik
Cheeky M16SSC Zackary Wyatt Ollie Barrett
Modern Concept Constuctions M16SSC Tom Cameron Tom Milham
Sail Media M16SSC Ben Milham Daryl Milham
#9 Fiji Water HKSC Cadel Stewart Olivia Meacock
Plonk Cafe MH16SC Avril Richardson Warwick Taylor

Total: 18 Entries


Boat Name Club Skipper Crew 1 Crew 2
11teen StGSC Matthew Mulholland Shane Lackey Joss Dal Vera
Ace StGSC Lachlan Steel Bryce Edwards Jerome Watts
Bartley Construction 16 M16SSC Dan Bromelow Tom Walmsley Jesse Lilley
Bella Group services B16 Craig Wright Griffin Suters Rohan Perceval
Botany Access M16SSC Zoe Dransfield Geoff Moore Cameron McDonald
CJK Design Management B16 Darby Jones Luke Easey Adam Gillson
CMG Property Maintenance MH16SC Michael Vincent Cameron Walker Jack Taylor
Contender Sailcloth B16 Will Howard Richard Howard Rory Murtagh
Cunninghams M16SSC Nick Connor Paul Mackenzie Tom Quigley
Dominos B16 Michael Quirk Dallas Dawson Thomas Steenson
East Coast Marine B16 Haylee Outteridge Joel Castle Jamie Woods
Employment Hero M16SSC Will Divola Alastair Hunter George Thompson
Employment Hero M16SSC Will Divola Alastair Hunter George Thompson
Eric’s Storage MH16SC Scott Cotton Nathan Edwards Alex Leslie
Erics Removals MH16SC Joshua Theunissen Nathan Byrne Max Fisher
FIREBALL M16SSC James Downey James Pinnington Sam Skeen
Firestopping M16SSC Alex Hart Jaime Stodart Locky Pryor
First state lending StGSC Jake Morgan Samuel Fetherston Dylan Haig
Fluid Building M16SSC David O’Connor Phil Harmer Fang Warren
Hunter Heart Safe B16 Noah Steenson Glen Young Greg Steenson
Imagine Signage M16SSC Nathan Wilmot Brett Davis Jack Hildebrand
IMEI M16SSC Hugh Stodart TRENT BARNABAS Rob Napper
Insight Building Services B16 Rod Carter Rob Flanagan Andrew Stone
Kamikaze MH16SC Richard Williams Phil Jenkins Ian Wood
Little Blue Dinosaur MH16SC Maja Hansson-Mild Gregory Kahn Matt Buckle
Man Flu MH16SC Nicholas Stabback Henry Stabback Fergus Stabback
Modern Concept Constructions M16SSC Gerard Smith Christopher Williams Jackson Cranfield
Moonen Yachts M16SSC Daniel Turner Simon Hoffman Matt Stenta
Newcastle financial planning group B16 Ben Bruniges Flynn Twomey Dave Hickey
NHS Building Supplies B16 Joel Beashel Luca Damic Beau Crockett
No cents MH16SC Natasha Pollet James Hargrave Tommi Stanbury
Noakes StGSC Lee Knapton Peter Mackie Ricky Bridge
Noakes Blue StGSC Ryan Ewings Matt Doyle Finn Rodowicz
Nozomi M16SSC Maxwell Downey Hugo Kemp Thomas Mountstephens
Outback Marine-Victron Energy M16SSC Joshua Tasker Alanna Clancy James Doyle
P Leahy MH16SC Mark Willson Rowan Carroll Neil Malan
Pepsi MAX B16 Ross Stutchbury Ben Pilley Shane Burke
Red Pumps M16SSC Tyler Dransfield Jay Harris Greg Windust
Red Pumps Red M16SSC Bruce Savage James Slee Natalia Wisniewska
RIVCON B16 Kye Rivers Wil Rivers Brent Connor
Sail Racing M16SSC felix grech Paul Darmanian tom potter
Shead MH16SC Peggy Stanbury Matt Stanbury Antony Sheldon
SKE Electrical B16 Banjo Nicholson Scott Beeby Joel Skelton
Skelcon B16 Henry Makin Grant Makin Jordan Makin
Smash (jsb) M16SSC Alex Stewart Chris Wyatt Isaac Robbins
So Far So Good StGSC Shannon Andrew Daniel Mclachlan Ashton Scott
Southerly StGSC Sarah Lee Keagan York Kurtis Warner
Sunshine Noakes Brisbane Sarah Thorburn Adrian Manning Angus Morrison
Sutech Building Consultants M16SSC Michael Koerner Joshua Ponton Will Dargaville
Swell Racing B16 Matt Meaney Hugo Hamilton Felix Prince
Thurlow Fisher Lawyers DSC Nathan McNamara Ben Suthers Jed Cruickshank
Toogara StGSC Tom Clout Sam Monkhouse Sam Worrall
Tribeca StGSC Ben Bradley James Turner Rory Cox
TTR Civil StGSC Phil Bower Ryan Lindsay Richard Nardone
Whichard B16 Zac Heyes Micheal Ovenstone Julian Clemants

Total: 55 Entries

Event Registration

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Support Boat Registration

2024 Nationals Support Boats

2024 Nationals Support Boats

If you are a support vessel, you must complete this form to notify the race committee that you will be on the water.

If applicatble
Enter the primary skiff that you are supporting. Hold shift to select multiple boats.
Enter a brief visual description of the vessel. Size, colour, type etc
  1. Except when participating in rescue operations coaches and other support personnel / boats shall remain a minimum of 100 metres from all competing skiffs from the time of the preparatory signal for the start until the skiff has finished or the Race Committee signals a race postponement or abandonment.
  1. The areas the boats are racing in is defined as the area inside the course and within 100 meters of any mark, lay line, starting line, finishing line or any area where any boat that is racing i​_s sailing or may sail.
  1. The Race Committee or the protest committee may protest any boat whose support boat is in breach of S.I. 21.1.  Penalties imposed as a result of a protest under this rule will result in a penalty being imposed on the boat(s) supported by the support boat.
  1. Support boats are required to register with the Race Committee and to supply the skipper’s details, boat call sign, contact number and competitor they are representing. This can be done through the ‘Support Boats’ section at the bottom of the event page (https://skiffs.org.au/24nats).
I have read and understood the above SI clause. *
I understand that my details may be used by the RC to contact you during the event. *