2024 Nationals Support Boat Registration

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2024 Nationals Support Boats

2024 Nationals Support Boats

If you are a support vessel, you must complete this form to notify the race committee that you will be on the water.

If applicatble
Enter the primary skiff that you are supporting. Hold shift to select multiple boats.
Enter a brief visual description of the vessel. Size, colour, type etc
  1. Except when participating in rescue operations coaches and other support personnel / boats shall remain a minimum of 100 metres from all competing skiffs from the time of the preparatory signal for the start until the skiff has finished or the Race Committee signals a race postponement or abandonment.
  1. The areas the boats are racing in is defined as the area inside the course and within 100 meters of any mark, lay line, starting line, finishing line or any area where any boat that is racing i​_s sailing or may sail.
  1. The Race Committee or the protest committee may protest any boat whose support boat is in breach of S.I. 21.1.  Penalties imposed as a result of a protest under this rule will result in a penalty being imposed on the boat(s) supported by the support boat.
  1. Support boats are required to register with the Race Committee and to supply the skipper’s details, boat call sign, contact number and competitor they are representing. This can be done through the ‘Support Boats’ section at the bottom of the event page (https://skiffs.org.au/24nats).
I have read and understood the above SI clause. *
I understand that my details may be used by the RC to contact you during the event. *