Register for the NSW Inter-Club events for 2018/19. Please note that if your boat is not displayed below, then you need to:

  1. Go to raceHub and register. Once registered, log in.
  2. In the menu, under “Manage -> “ASSA”, click Registration Form (Note: if you can’t see the “Manage” tab, then you need to login first!)
  3. Once registered, and you get confirmation, you can then fill in this form.

Why do I have to do this for one form?

Our online registration system means that once you fill out the one registration form above, any form you fill out from now will autofill based on your previous registration. This means all you have to do is make changes to your own boat registration.

My club doesn’t pay for my entry fees, can I still register for these events?

We now have PayPal as a method of payment, so you can pay for your registration online with most major credit cards.

My details aren’t being auto-filled?

Make sure you have filled in your Boat Name, as all the data is pulled using this field. It may take some time to fill down.

You do not have permission to view this form.