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Photographer: Michael Chittenden

2021 Nationals Survey Results

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  • Post last modified:November 27, 2021
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Photographer: Michael Chittenden

The 2021 ASSA Sailors Survey results are now available for viewing below. ASSA send out a survey each year to help the association to gather feedback about the national championships and general association operations. This is an invaluable tool and certainly assists the association in making the right decisions for future regattas.

Congratulations to Michael Childs (Vaikobi 16ft Skiff) for winning the $300 team kit reimbursement prize.

As always, if any skiff sailor has any feedback for the association, please get in contact with our secretary or any other ASSA representative. 

We have attached the 2020 Survey results (as many of the questions remain the same each year) for reference.