The dates and location for the 2017-18 Australian 16ft (and 13ft) Skiff Championships have now been confirmed.  
They are scheduled to be sailed at Middle Harbour between 2nd January 2018 and 7th January 2018.  

Schedule, at this stage, is as follows:

*  Tuesday 2nd January 2018 - Heat 1
*  Wednesday 3rd January 2018 – Heat 2 
*  Thursday 4th January 2018 – Heats 3 and 4
*  Friday 5th January 2018 – Lay Day
*  Saturday 6th January 2018 – Heat 5 and 6 
*  Sunday 7th January 2018 -  Heat 7 and Presentation Night




The ASSA has organised the manufacture of eight new 16ft Skiffs.

The hulls will be imported by New Yachts P/L. All other works including forestay take offs, jib mounts, push out bars, rudder and centreboard fitting and fairing, solids and painting will be undertaken in Melbourne Australia. This year the skiffs will be offered as either clear coat or a single colour painted hull in epoxy paint. Colours are limited.

On behalf of members, the ASSA has negotiated Sail, Mast and Spar and Rope Packages. (See below)

Last year we offered a full fitout service. This year we will offer the 4 major components for sale at group bought deals.

The following is a list of items that are available in to purchase.

We note that variances to each package is not available to due to administration costs involved in creating “special deals”. The ASSA provides these deals at cost and cannot absorb individual Administration requirements


HULL PACKAGE                                          Value A $27800 plus GST

The Hull Package includes:

  • Full carbon hull and frames
  • Painted in single colour polyurethane or Clear Coat
  • Solids, push out bars 900mm long, cut out to suit Nova sail or tack tick
  • Jib Cunningham tube (internal)
  • Tackline Tube (Internal)
  • Carbon 1650mm long 0063a foil centreboard fitted
  • Carbon Fitted Rudder with tiller (No tiller extension)
  • Coloured EVA foam in a range of colours, fitted to cockpit, gunwales and top sides
  • Aluminium Cradle with marine carpet



The skiff hulls with arrive in Australia in three shipments:   

            3 Hulls June 2016
            2 Hulls July/Aug 2016
            3 Hulls Aug/Sept/Oct 2016

These dates are approximates only. The ASSA will not be held responsible for delays. The purchase of hulls will be on a first paid first to receive basis. There are only 5 skiffs that can currently guaranteed prior to the start of the season.



To secure your F16

A deposit of 20%:  $6116 including GST is required to secure your new Skiff hull.  Deposits will secure you place in the queue and ultimately your delivery date


SPARS PACKAGE                                        Value A $7727 plus GST


Spar packages are also available. The cost of the Spars package is $8,500 (Inc GST), with a required deposit of 10%, $850(Inc GST). There are only 8 spar packages available at this price. Deposits will secure you place in the queue and ultimately your delivery date


The Spars Package includes:

  • 2 x carbon masts – with plastic track, D1 fitting, heel plug, goose neck fitting (male), D2 keyways, stay keyways,  Forestay keyways and jib luff keyway.
  • Carbon Spinnaker pole with dolphin striker. 3 x keyways – does not include tackline pole end. (Available separately)
  • Carbon Boom – with rectangle carbon boom with gooseneck fitting (female). 2 x Main sheet take off. Out haul exit block

The balance will be due prior to you taking ownership of spar package.


SAILS PACKAGE                                          Value A $12000 plus GST

The Sail Package includes:

  • 2 x Mainsails in skiff cloth. Coloured patches and tapes available
  • 3 x Headsails in Skiff cloth. Coloured patches and tapes available
  • 2 x Spinnacker (single colour only)

Presently Tru Flo Sails is the only company supporting the program. Further companies have offer packages and they will be advertised on the skiff website as they become available


OTHER ITEMS                                                                           

  • The Assa is not offering fitout packages for spars and hulls as our members have a huge variance in fitouts and fitting choices
  • However based on the 2015 F16 package there is a fitting package that is available from various subcontractor sources
  • The package fitout can be undertaken by the following agencies
  • Tru Flo Sails 9939 7778
  • Allwood Sails (Cameron McDonald) 0433 546 356
  • Members will also have access to Harken Australia to purchase fittings under the ASSA discount structure. All fittings must be paid for at the time of purchase
  • Members also requested that they fit their own skiffs out. The required basic fitout list will be available for reference of the ASSA 16ft website




For any further information please contact Jenny Tutt on 0448 207 775 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please note that "Class Design Rules" has been renamed "Class Rules of the Australian 16ft Skiff".

Rule 10.5 has been updated to read - The head of the mainsail shall not be greater than 90 degrees off the luff of the mainsail. The reason for this update was to clarify the intention of the class rule.

This document is under the heading: About 16's / Rules of 16ft Skiff Sailing

A specification committee has been formed to address requests or queries regarding the introduction of a new design feature or material that may not comply with the 16ft Skiff Sailing Rules, also reviewing new and innovative ideas regarding the 16ft Skiff class.

Each club was asked to nominate a member for this committee, six clubs are represented.

All requests will be forwarded to the committee members for review, please note that no member of the Spec Committee can make a ruling individually. All correspondence must be submitted to the ASSA Secretary, for distribution. The committee will be facilitated by the Australian 16ft Skiff President or an ASSA executive committee member.


On the 7th May 2016 the Belmont 16ft Skiff club generously donated money to the Tour De Cure, a tier 1 cancer charity that raises money to fund cancer projects including research, support and prevention.

The Tour De Cure "Signature Tour" is a cycling event where riders cycle from Brisbane to Sydney over a 10-day period.

Follow the below link to see photos of the TDC at Belmont.

For more information about the Tour De Cure please go to: